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New Brooks All Weather Saddles

Weatherproof modern aesthetic ready to ride. The Brooks Cambium All Weather saddle naturally flexes for superior comfort and maximum durability through a vulcanised rubber and waterproof nylon top. Meticulously constructed in a modern aesthetic, the Cambium All Weather is the perfect combination of comfort and style for a lifetime on the bike.

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Just Arrived! Condor Paris

Beautiful Condor Paris Single Speed Bike, just arrived to our store Today. "Paris Cycles was started in the early 1940s by Harry Rensch, a close friend and neighbour of Monty Young, Condor's founder. The lightweight thoroughbred frames soon became sought after pieces, famous for their continental flair. In 1947, after returning from working at shipyards during the war, Harry launched the Galibier. In the post-war era the only tubing to work with was Reynolds 531. Each frame builder created their own lugs to differentiate and establish their reputation and name. Harry went one further: he pioneered a fanciful frame construction using bronze welding, allowing him to create lugless frames, and at the head tube he wrapped a gothic styled bi-lamination....

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Walking Bikepedia

Adam is a one of the Retro Road Co-Founders and if you met him you know that he is a Walking Bikepedia  - vast database about vintage and modern bikes. So if you have a question...he's got an answer.  On the photo: Adam fixing our dear customer's Bianchi

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