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Adam is a one of the Retro Road Co-Founders and if you met him you know that he is a Walking Bikepedia  - vast database about vintage and modern bikes. So if you have a question...he's got an answer.  On the photo: Adam fixing our dear customer's Bianchi

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Selle Italia Turbo 1980 Saddle Review

Words by Richard Hallett One of the more agreeable trends of the last couple of years has been the re-release of previously discontinued saddle designs. A number of models that, until very recently, were only to be found after scouring eBay or rooting through dusty boxes at some bike boot sale may now be bought brand new and at a price that reflects, not scarcity, but the reality of modern-day bike manufacturing. In other words, there’s no price premium on obsolescence.   Which begs the question; what makes a saddle obsolete? After all, we ride in an age when saddles of design and construction perfected more than a century ago are considered by some to be the acme of style...

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Selle San Marco Rolls Saddle Review

Has there ever been a more stylish saddle than the Selle San Marco Rolls saddle? The gilded throne of Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond when it arrived in the mid-1980s, the performance of the Rolls matched its looks, and it would become an enduring favourite with the pro peloton and in the velodrome until the late 2000s. Sir Bradley Wiggins lent his state-of-the-art UK Sport track bike a touch of timeless class with a Rolls and Belgian Classics hero Peter Van Petegem sat on one when he rode his swansong Paris-Roubaix in 2006. The quality and workmanship that went into Italian-made saddles was at its zenith in the early 1980s. This was a time when Brooks-style tensioned leather saddles were...

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