Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed Rear Mech (RD19-SR12)
Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed Rear Mech (RD19-SR12) - Retro Road


RM23 CPB1050

Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed Rear Mech (RD19-SR12)

Dramatically different and elegant design for the rear derailleur produced in an ultra-light technopolymer with reinforced long strand UD carbon fibre. 3D Embrace technology is huge step forward from current derailleurs function. When you see how the derailleur shifts, you’ll notice that the jockey wheels are incredibly close to every single sprocket giving smooth, instant shifts and maximum efficiency. The derailleur also weighs less but maintains the same rigidity and durability. The trajectory curve has been optimized for 11-29 and 11-32 cassettes.

A new upper body return spring has been redesigned to absorb road vibration and protects the derailleur from violent movement on the road. It can also fit direct mount and and standard systems making it easier to remove the wheel during the maintenence.

  • Weight: 181g
12 speed Campagnolo Super Record

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