Walz Caps

Walz Caps

About Walz Cycling Caps

Walz Caps creates quality cycling caps made from functional, comfortable fabrics. Their well designed cycling caps are stylish yet durable and work well both on and off the bike. All Walz Caps are manufactured in their San Diego based factory. Staff here are made up of sewing operators with more than 25 years sewing experience.

Cotton Blend - 35% cotton/65% polyester blend material provides a durable lightweight feel that is virtually indestructible. Machine wash and dry friendly.

Moisture Wicking - 100% double circular knit moisture wicking polyester is a breathable mesh that allows airflow to keep you dry and comfortable.

Wool - 100% wool flannel is a medium weight (10 –12 ounces), which is soft and smooth on your head and can be worn under the helmet through all seasons.

The three-panel cap has two side panels and one panel that runs from the front of your head to the back, which usually incorporates a racing stripe. The four-panel cap provides a more traditional look. Both designs fit comfortably under a helmet, so it really is a style choice between the two.

Walz Classic Cotton Cap - Black/Pink £17.99
Walz Classic Cotton Cap - Black/White £17.99
Walz Classic Wicking Cap - Pink/White £16.99