Deda Bar Tape
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HT34 DED4600

Deda Bar Tape

Deda elementi bar tape is available in a wide palette of colours to match any colour scheme from understated to outrageous. The PU construction gives a realistic cork feel with excellent grip and cushioning.
  • Wicking synthetic foam material handlebar tape that wraps easily, is cost-effective
  • Adhesive backing is tacky for hold, and won't transfer as bar is wrapped
  • Easy to manage when wrapping; light, not too tacky, consistent, predictable stretch
  • Length is easily adequate for true 44cm bars at mild stretch, can accommodate 46cm or wing bars with slightly tighter, consistent stretch and 20-35% overlap
  • Deda faux-carbon bar plugs included, ideal fit in most aluminum and carbon bar ends
  • Carbon versions have diamond texture, offers more active grip, slightly less stretch
  • Embossed Deda logo
  • Select from wide range of solid colors, some with Carbon design
  • Made in Italy

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