Elite Corsa Team Water Bottle - Team Movistar
 Elite Corsa Team Water Bottle - Team Movistar - Retro Road


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Elite Corsa Team Water Bottle - Team Movistar

Introducing the Elite Corsa 2014 Team Biodegradable Bottle. This bottle is a precise replica of the bottles used in competition by your favourite and the worlds best riders. With the official licensed graphics from the top pro teams you can give your bike that professional look. The bottle holds an ergonomic shape, making it a comfortable hold on your hand. This bottle is entirely compostable, so when you feel the need to get another bottle you can chuck this in the compost and it will return to the elements. This bottle is able to Bio-degrade due to its corn based plastic, rather than the normal oil based plastic. This bottle is dish washer safe and BPA free, meaning that no harmful chemicals will get released into your drink. Overall this is an aesthetically noticeable bottle and will keep your bike looking professional.
 Material: Biodegradable Corn Based Plastic
Elite Movistar

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