Selle San Marco

Selle San Marco Regale Racing Narrow Red Hook Crit Limited Edition Saddle

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This saddle made history even before it was born. It is the REGALe, "e" means evolution of a model that's legendary for 30 years right now. Indeed, the saddle is founded on the known REGAL, born during the seventies and used by the greatest riders. Classical inspiration, ultra-modern performances. Xsilite was created as a material for the racing team saddles of professionals. It is lighter and stronger than titanium rails, because of a high percentage of silicon, together with particles of titanium and carbon.

BIO-Foam - a biodynamic structure with gel padding for more comfort, more strength of shape and less weight. C.F.R.P. - Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic - a very strong, flexible and light material mix, according to the needs of the saddle, that ensures its shape.
Microfeel - a breathable and hard wearing covering, with better adherence to the padding, what emphasizes its ergonomic shape. It is 35% less deformable and 5% lighter and respects the standards of biocompatibility.
Xsilite - a composition of materials, which is stronger than titanium, with a high percentage of silicon together with particles of titanium and carbon. The result is a material with high static toughness, strong like titanium but at the same time 1/10 lighter. New also in appearance, the Xsilite is changing thanks to a particular finish that also makes it resistant to moisture.