Time RXS Cleats
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PES7 TM-51004265SC

Time RXS Cleats

Time RXS pedal cleats (Gray) have a one piece café cleat with three integrated non-slip stabilizers. These cleats are fully interchangeable with the Impact, RXE and Xen pedals.
The widely placed polyurethane stabilizers grip the ground safely and provide excellent stability. These stabilizers are not part of the engagement system, and although highly resistant to abrasion they have no effect on retention even if worn down.
  •   The RXS cleat offers one release angle of 15 degree and also has a +/- 5 degrees of toe adjustment
  •     Supplied as a pack: two cleats, allen wrench and screws
  •     Includes wear indicators
  •     Lightweight
  •     Non-slip
  •     Can be used on the Impact, RXS, RXE and Xen pedals systems but not the original 1980's Equipe models

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